Baker Miller is our first location and our flagship. We serve full brunch and lunch at this location with 40 seats and an outdoor patio. This location has numerous accolades including two nominations for James Beard Foundation Awards. It has become a community staple and proudly serves whole grain comfort foods with touches of creativity and thoughtfulness.

4610 N Western Ave
Chicago IL 60625
1 block South of Western Brown Line



Everybody's Coffee


For the past three years, Everybody’s Coffee has been serving delicious, ethically sourced coffees and teas in the incredibly diverse and exciting Uptown neighborhood.

When we started exploring the idea of opening a shop in Uptown, we talked it over with our friends at Everybody’s Coffee and a new idea was born. Why not combine our awesome baked goods, lunch, and brunch concepts with Everybody’s Coffee’s passion for outstanding brewed drinks in one location?

So, after a couple of months of discussion and planning, we are proud to announce that everything in the bakery case, plus breakfast bowls, sandwiches and weekend brunch at Everybody's Coffee, will be made by us. We're calling it Baker Miller at Everybody's Coffee.

This collaboration means outstanding coffee teamed up with creative comfort food in a warm, friendly environment in the heart of Uptown– what could be better?

935 W Wilson Ave
Chicago IL 60640
2 Blocks East of Wilson Red Line


Kitchen Sink


For the past nine years, Kitchen Sink  has been serving the Edgewater neighborhood. Recently, they began struggling a bit to connect with a changing neighborhood so they began looking for a buyer who could keep the cafe's vision alive.

The cafe has so much charm, it's sandwiches are delicious, it has a skylight in the middle of the shop and Edgewater is a wonderful neighborhood- but there was one caveat. The owner wanted to make sure whoever purchased it treated its current employees well and would continue to serve its diverse neighborhood clientele.
When he found Baker Miller wanted to do that- he immediately said yes.

So, we are now the proud new owners of Kitchen Sink Cafe. 
We're cleaning it up a bit, keeping all the top selling items, adding Baker Miller baked goods + classics, implementing our own coffee program and incorporating more sustainable wages for staff.
Weekend Brunch is also key to the future success, so expect a fantastic Baker Miller brunch on the weekends!

1107 W Berwyn Ave
Chicago IL 60640
1 Blocks East of Berwyn Red Line